Tarot Cards Readings


I offer concise and to the point 3-cards Tarot readings in e-format using only one traditional deck of cards.

Each reading comes with some intuitive information and interpretation of the energies around you at the time I do a reading. As well as straight forward, clear and traditional messages of the cards I incorporate psychology and spiritual aspects into my interpretations and recommendations, therefore providing a more holistic and rounded experience. With each reading I tune into you and interpret everything that comes in at that point. My card readings are traditional and also intuitive in nature and unique to each individual.

I do a reading and present information to you in a written document (sent via email) for you to keep and refer to.  The beauty of written readings is that not only you can keep a copy for your records, but you can read the message again and again and really take your time with the information.

In my 3-cards spread I will focus on one of the following set-ups depending on your requirements and questions:

  • Past, Present & Future (life direction, feeling unsettled and seeking affirmation of their path)
  • Situation – Challenge – Outcome (for those seeking specific answers and direction)
  • Situation – Action – Outcome (for those needing to take a specific action to make a positive change)
  • Mind – Body – Spirit  (for those seeking balance and completion)
  • Thinking – Feeling – Being (to see what might be out of balance)
  • You – Them – Together (for those seeking guidance in a relationship)

Please message me through CONTACT page. I look forward to reading for you.